It’s a subject that has defined my life more than anything else. My name. Names affect us all and the world around us, here’s why and how I feel about my own name.

I’m not a boy named Sue, but a lad called Heber.

My Father is a great…

About now we are facing the idea of some entering a ‘four commas’ club, ie. Trillionaires. More wealth than we can imagine, more than Standard Oil of its day or Amazon today.


So the moral question that is raised from it is: do the mega rich have a moral or…

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day. The great and glorious international celebration of the grassroots, shamrocks, and greenery of Irish diplomacy. A privileged position.

Around the world, despite an international pandemic, this day was marked. In green.

When we consider the 193 countries around the world whose national days are…

Heber Rowan

Interests: PR, Public Affairs (EU & Irish), Acting, Audiobooks, Startups and Sligo.

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