It’s a subject that has defined my life more than anything else. My name. Names affect us all and the world around us, here’s why and how I feel about my own name.

I’m not a boy named Sue, but a lad called Heber.

My Father is a great lover of Irish Mythology and Gaeilge so upon my birth I was named Éibhear or Heber as it is anglicised. The story I was raised on, to tell the thousands of people I have met commenting the rarity of my name was of its Irish Lineage. Éber Finn (in its original form) was a high king of Ireland from who reigned from 1700BC according to the Annals of the Four Masters(1). He was one of the three sons of Míl Espáine who began the Milesian line within Ireland. He once ruled the southern half of Ireland until he grew discontented. …

Let’s discuss making mistakes in politics, how it matters and why we should consider approaching mistakes differently.

On the dating site OkCupid there are many thousands of questions they ask to build up your dating profile. Among the answers to one about doing something naughty is the answer, ‘no thanks I might want to run for office one day’. There is a reason most would avoid such a question entirely. This is not just a reflection on dating or politics but on society as a whole.

It is argued that politics is the enterprise of leadership. Inspiring others to particular points of view and working hard for causes that they believe in. We like to believe that the leaders we choose mirror our best qualities, that higher moral standards are taken by them. …

A chance encounter led me to become part of an international art project that saw my image shared around the world.

In September 2011, Cryos International, the world’s biggest sperm bank, stopped accepting red haired donors for a period: demand for them was too low compared to the supply.

Single women, who currently represent half of the client, choose donors based on the “Prince of Dreams” search”. At most, new life is being created in an attempt to achieve some kind of personal ideal, which is called the philosophical individual or the new age. And personal ideals rarely feature red hair.

An adventurous first date led to a series of unusual events that had a country laughing.

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Once upon a time, I found myself intrigued by a young woman I found off the dating app Tinder. We’d been texting over a month and it felt it was the right occasion to ask her out.

To my relief, she said yes, though the problem was that at the time we lived on opposite ends of Ireland. …

At the moment, silver, the shiny metal of allure is riding high on the international currency markets at currently more than 20€ per ounce.

This got me thinking about the relativity of value and power of price points than can change behaviour.

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Matthew 26:14–15 (ESV): 14 Then one of the twelve, whose name was Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests 15 and said, “What will you give me if I deliver him over to you?” And they paid him thirty pieces of silver.

30 pieces of silver, in today's money, is just over 600€ at the time of writing. That’s not a lot when you compare it with other income considerations for the time of the biblical story and contemporary inflation. In Ireland, the average industrial wage is over 32,000€ per annum and the needs to make ends meet are so high that 600€ would barely cover a month’s rent for most people in Dublin. …

The experience of being an electoral poll clerk in any country is a great act of public service, and an opportunity to learn about your locality in a way few experiences ever can. This piece will review the Irish experience.

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In acting and in life, it helps to know yourself. It helps to understand both inside and out, what you are.

When you look at versatile actors big in the industry, you will learn a number of things.

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One: casting is actually not that imaginative.

With no disrespect to casting agents, their job is a bit like being on Tinder, the dating app, hunting and searching for that right look… trying to get the rough feel.. of what the client or director is looking for. Often that is more than just the words themselves the script uses to physically describe the character. Such as ‘mid-twenties slim with light brown hair and a pensive look on their countenance generally’. …

The Netflix series, “The Crown” released its fourth season recently and continued to delight audiences around the world. Aside from the stellar performances, writing, and overall production values; let’s discuss what makes it and monarchy for that matter: attractive.

Stories are people and monarchy is both wealth and power, manifest together.

Trailer for The Crown Season 4

The attraction of monarchy

The series is an illustrious portrayal of a family. That is: royal, that is beyond normal life and will always be. What is their name? The Windsors. The Royal family of Britain. The series depicts the inner and outer workings of their lives unlike any other can be, albeit with a certain degree of creative license. For them, I’d guess it must be ghastly. Sickening. …

If you applied and got one of the coveted EU traineeships here is how you prepare and make the most of it.

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Most of the different EU institutions have their own traineeships or paid internships available. Here is a guide to their applications if you are looking at your next opportunity and thinking about what’s possible. If there is anything that I have left out within this please let me know within the comments!

What the traineeships essentially are about is in my opinion, two fold.

Firstly, they aim to bring up a range of opportunities for young people all across the Union member states for their personal professional development while giving them a strong insight into what it is like to work as an EU official either in Brussels, Luxembourg or in the different member state offices. Those who have done them might go on to take park in the notoriously difficult EPSO competitions for careers within the EU institutions in a broad range of policy, communications, translations or administrative fields. What’s more, the experience gained assists those who wish to go on to work for the civil and public services of their home state. …

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Photo by Guillaume Périgois on Unsplash

The European Union runs a range of paid traineeships each year among all of the different institutions that make up the functioning of the EU in practice. They are open to EU citizens who want to dive into the world of European politics, public administration and international affairs. To get one is a big deal in terms of the potential doors it can open for you professionally. Why?

  • It gives you genuine experience in public affairs, administration, and a variety of professional fields.
  • It’s paid (not well but enough to get by if you budget).
  • It is a strong and rare addition to your professional experience that few will have.


Heber Rowan

Interests: PR, Public Affairs (EU & Irish), Acting, Audiobooks, Startups and Sligo.

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